Ken Cuccinelli has spent his entire career trying to interfere in women’s personal and private medical decisions, from access to safe and legal abortion to access to affordable birth control. Virginia women like Leslie know firsthand the real consequences of Ken Cuccinelli’s dangerous attacks on women’s health.

Cuccinelli opposes the Affordable Care Act’s birth control benefit – even calling it a “sterilization mandate” that people should be willing to “go to jail” to fight. His extreme agenda for birth control would have real impact on Virginia women like Leslie who is among the 58% of women who take birth control pills for non-contraceptive health benefits.

Ken Cuccinelli is far out of the mainstream, supporting extreme and dangerous policies that could jeopardize women’s access to affordable birth control and basic preventive health care.  The future of Virginia women’s health hangs in the balance, and we need to make sure we keep Ken out of the governor’s mansion.

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