8-27-13-Cuccinelli-Contraception-webKen Cuccinelli has finally figured out that voters oppose his out-of-touch agenda that would  limit women’s right to access birth control. He knows he’s suffering from a 24 point gender gap, and has resorted to misleading Virginians about where he stands — but he’s not fooling anyone.

For years, Cuccinelli has supported so-called “personhood” legislation that could interfere with birth control — both as a legislator and as attorney general. But when a voter asked him whether he would “support and sign personhood legislation that contains restrictions on birth control medication and birth control devices,” Cuccinelli denied his own record. He claimed that he’s “never supported legislation that invades people’s choices about contraception.”  Most recently, he double downed on his position with an appearance on Fox and Friends where he said, “we’re not going to touch contraception, and we never have”.

Now that Ken’s positions are proving to be too extreme for voters, he’s resorting to misleading them about his own record. But we’re not going to let him get away with it. Let’s tell Ken Cuccinelli: we know your record on women’s health and you’re going to have to run on it.

Dear Attorney General Cuccinelli: I read your recent statements asserting that you have “never supported legislation that invades people’s choices about contraception.” While I understand why you’d want to walk away from unpopular positions, I’m not fooled by your recent attempt to confuse the voters. I know your record, and I’ll be talking to my friends and family this fall to make sure they know your real record on limiting women’s health choices as basic as birth control.

You can mislead Virginians about your record and your agenda, but you can’t fool me. You won’t fool voters. And you won’t win.